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Anglepoise - Made for Life

Guaranteed for Life

Our aim is to stop the tidal wave of products that are designed for obsolescence and destined for landfill. If you do have a problem with your Anglepoise and you’ve made all the obvious checks (lightbulb, tightening of any screws etc) then please follow our four step process:

Our four step process

What is a lifetime guarantee?

  1. Get in touch and if it’s a quick and easy repair, we will send you replacement parts so that you can get your light working again. We can talk you through what you need to do.
  2. If you need a bit more help, we’ll organise for your light to be repaired
  3. If we really can’t repair your lamp, we will replace it and…
  4. …we commit to recycling your lamp responsibly.
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Lifetime Guarantee FAQs


What does Guaranteed for Life mean?

Too many products, including lights and lamps, are designed for obsolescence, meaning simply that if something goes wrong, you as a consumer have no choice but to throw it away and buy a new one. Guaranteed for Life is our promise to service your light and make sure it continues to work for a lifetime.


How will Guaranteed for Life work?

If your light isn’t working, please get in touch. We’ll try and help you get it working again and if that really isn’t possible, we will replace it and recycle the one that isn’t working.


I’m not in the UK. Is my light also Guaranteed for Life?

Our Guarantee is valid globally – as long as you purchased the product for normal domestic use then we can help you (Contract purchases or lights used in a commercial setting are not covered by the lifetime guarantee.


Do I need a reference number to return my lamp?

You won’t need a reference number but if you can share the batch number (found either on the base of your lamp or inside the shade), it will be easier to deal with your request.

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