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The Birch Le Collaboration House

Lake Leelanau, Michigan, USA

The Birch Le Collaboration House highlights the best of design in Hygge Supply homes, featuring a selection of products and vendors that the designers believe in. Hygge Supply specialise in creating incredibly designed 'kit homes' that use carefuly thought out materials and finishes that combine unmatched craftsmanship with an updated modernist aesthetic and customizable design choices.

Anglepoise at Le Birch Hygge Supply 1

In the Birch Le Collaboration House, Hygge Supply collaborated with a series of vendor partners to integrate and promote their products in a space that will serve as an experiential showroom to their Hygge Stay guests and potential Hygge Supply clients. The house features a series of Original 1227 Giant Pendants, Maxi Pendant and Original 1227 desk lamp.

On working with Anglepoise, President of Hygge Supply, Sean Karcher adds: "We chose Anglepoise because of its classic design with custom RAL color options. The lighting embodies an aesthetic that both complements and integrates into the overall composition of the homes."

Anglepoise at Le Birch Hygge Supply

Anglepoise at Le Birch Hygge Supply

Anglepoise at Le Birch Hygge Supply

Anglepoise at Le Birch Hygge Supply

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