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London Garden

Private Garden, London

Julia Thompson, an interior designer based in South London, approached Barbara Samitier to create a garden to compliment her stunning Georgian house with beautifully curated interiors. She wanted the garden to feel like an extension of the house and reflect her style while feeling like a ‘proper garden’ with layers of lush planting, movement, fragrance and seasonal interest. Samitier struck the right balance between outdoor room and garden by developing a well thought through plan, a stunning planting scheme and palette of materials (Porcelain combined with natural and reclaimed materials, old industrial mirrors, etc.) The Anglepoise® Original 1227™ Giant Outdoor floor lamp was instrumental in bringing the inside out. As well as being a feature in itself, it anchors the design, brings scale and defines the lounge area. Oh and it’s fun (like Julia’s interior)and very functional.

Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor

Anglepoise Original 1227 Giant Outdoor Lamp

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